The Treaty of Charter

The Marquis of Charter yesterday signed the Treaty of Charter 2014 redefining the boundaries of the Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic. The treaty abandons the territory of Charter and annexes the territory of New Charter. It also moves the Parliament to New Charter and proclaims it as the new capital. Many opponents of the Marquis, who is also the Prime Minister, have called the treaty a delaying tactic as the Democratic Reform Party are trying to push the Elections Bill 2014 through Parliament. The moving of Parliament means it could be weeks before a Parliamentary meeting is held. It it not known what the exact effects of the treaty will be, but the Marquis did have this to say, “This is the first of many territorial expansions I am planning for Lundenwic. This era of great expansion will be an important chapter in Lundenwic’s history.” It is believed the Imperial Grand Duke has given his assent for the treaty and will be signing it at a later date.

Mr. Brown


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