PM unexpectedly announces 14 day Parliament break!

Today, Prime Minister the Lord Gen. Michael Lewis, the Marquis of Charter, unexpectedly announced that he would be closing Parliament for two weeks. He claimed this was necessary to help ease in the Constitutional Amendment abolishing Mayors as well as prepare the Parliament for official use in it’s new residence. It is believed the Imperial Grand Duke approved this plan saying, “It’s about time the cabinet took a well deserved rest.”

Once again though opponents of the Marquis have called this a ‘blatant delaying tactic’ adding, “The Marquis is desperately trying to cling to power!” This is the second delay to a Parliamentary sitting where the Elections Bill 2014 is to be proposed. The bill would see elections held throughout Lundenwic to elect the Prime Minister.

Calls for democratic elections have been led by the Minister of the Interior and Grand Region, the Rt. Hon. Roberto Bruno MP. His suggestion sparked the political party race which created the Lundenwic Militarists Party (LMP), the Communist Party of Lundenwic (CPL), the Democratic Reform Party (DRP) and the Imperial Royalist Party (IRP). Early opinion polls have showed any election contest would be a close call between the LMP, CPL and the DRP.

Mr. Brown


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